Movie Review: Monty Python and the Holy Grail  

Teddy Lund

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail, written by Monty Python and produced by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones in 1975 is a classic satire movie in which King Arthur is tasked by God himself to find the Holy Grail. “The movie was fantastic” -Sabrina Anderson. If you don’t like joke movies this movie isn’t for you though. The whole plot doesn’t really make sense, but it sure is funny. “it’s pretty goofy” -Troy Oldenkamp. The story takes place in a stereotypical medieval Britain, where everyone is extremely dumb. In the opening scene, the audience is a shown how knights handle accusations of being a witch. Using pure logic, Sir Bedevere the wise concludes that if the accused is truly a witch, she will weigh more than a chicken. After several more silly encounters and a talk with God himself, King Arthur and his brave knights split up to hunt for the holy grail. Finally, after some more strange encounters, the knights find the castle where the grail is held but are disappointed when it has been taken by the French. Quickly King Arthur assembles an army. Right as they are to attack, King Arthur is arrested by modern day police for the death of a historian earlier in the movie and production of the movie ends. “It’s quite the ending,” -Noe Cano.

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