Movie Review: The Possession of Hannah Grace

Abby Brinkman

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Abby Brinkman
Ticket for The Possession of Hannah Grace

I went to see The Possession of Hannah Grace with my boyfriend Kevin. The Trailer caught our attention because it was suspenseful and scary. The plot of the movie also strayed from the run of the mill possession movie. We went to the movie on Sunday, December 9th, 2018, going into the movie we both had high expectations that the movie was going to be scary and entertaining. The plot of the movie is that a woman named Megan works the night shift at a hospital drop off morgue. The morgue is a huge underground building, but when Megan works the night shift she is completely alone except the paramedics that come to drop off dead bodies. Personally dead bodies freak me out, I wouldn’t say they scare but more disgust me. The intro to the movie was very graphic, several shots were shown of appendages of corpus’. I covered my eyes because it grossed me out. I knew I was in for a lot of graphic scenes in this movie. As the movie went on and the plot developed I liked the movie more. As we kept watching we both got scared a few times and enjoyed it. I would give this movie 6/10 stars. There is plenty of reasoning behind this score. I liked the unique plot of the movie and the suspense within the plot. The movie showed real-life struggles through the main character and her co-workers and friends. The reason I didn’t give this movie a higher score is because of the graphic images of corpus’. In my opinion, the graphicness didn’t add anything to the movie, if anything it took away from the plot. The plot was also predictable; I saw every death coming. I prefer when I am surprised by scary movies, that’s when they scare me the most. When I asked my Kevin what he thought of the movie he said, “I liked it a lot but it was pretty gross how much they showed dead people and it was cheesy and too fake sometimes.” I agree with what he said about the movie because I think the graphicness was overdone and that the movie would’ve been better without it. Overall, The Possession of Hannah Grace was a good movie but I wouldn’t take the time to watch it again. I would also advise people that are squeamish not to watch this movie because it’s not for people with a weak stomach.

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