Out of this world: AHS offers Rocket club

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Out of this world: AHS offers Rocket club

Alex Hill, Social Media Editor, Photo Editor

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Have you ever wondered how a rocket works? How it has enough power to leave our atmosphere, and go out into space? An AHS club can inform students on all of these logistics.

Austin High School has been running a Rocket Club for years. They’re most recognizable by students by their annual rocket launch during the homecoming game each year.

“It’s a club where you get to learn more about rockets and how they work,” said Naomi Kim, Rocket Club president.

They don’t build rockets and launch them just once or twice.

“Each year there is a competition in which the winners could win a $60,000 scholarship, so we try to get as many people involved as possible to join in on the fun,” Kim said.

Interested students can attend meetings on Thursdays during connect in Mr. Knippel’s room in the annex.

“Anyone can join,” Kim said.

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