2018 Austinaires Show

Brian Johnson

Hugh Olson, Editor

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Every year the two performing show choirs from Austin High School: “The Austinaires” and “The Choralaires” put on a huge spring show featuring tons of great music and dancing. The show is themed differently every year, as well as spotlight the amazing seniors who have the chance to perform a solo of their choice. This year’s theme: “Dance The Night Away” features a vast selection of songs from artists such as Billy Joel, Elvis Presley, Van Halen, The Beatles, and many more. Two senior members of the Austinaires: Luke Goodew and Logan Braaten were asked about their solo choices and what made these songs special. Goodew chose “My Old Man” by The Zac Brown Band as his solo choice, and when asked why he said “I feel like I need to pay tribute to my dad, and that does a good job of that”. Braaten chose “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer, and when he explained the significance behind his choice he said: “because girls like John Mayer, and I like girls”. The show opens on Thursday April 12th and is also on Friday and Saturday at 7 PM in Christigau Hall. Students get tickets for $5, so be sure to come out and support these kids and all the time and effort they’ve put into the show! Due to poor weather the show on Saturday was cancelled. The final performance is Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm.

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