Amazing Culture at Festival of Nations

Mariah Iverson

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Festival of Nations is an amazing festival that takes place in Saint, Paul MN on May 3rd- May 6th. The Festival of Nations has lots of fun things at the festival. There are exhibits to learn about each culture and some of the history of the culture as well, there are also demonstrations of dances going on where you can learn a certain dance for that culture. Next at the Festival of Nations they have a international marketplace where you can buy clothing and little trinkets from a specific culture, and they also have a food market where you can buy the amazing food and enjoy all of the cultural taste. The Festival of Nations includes cultures like Indian, Colombian, Finnish, Ukrainian, Hungarian and many more to see. The students of Austin High School attended Festival of Nations Friday May 4th with the language classes to gain more experience on what they have been learning about throughout the year. Students of Austin High School think this is one of the best field trips of the year because you can learn about your background at Festival of Nations  and where your ancestors originated from and just get to explore all of this uniqueness.

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