CEO: Everything You Need To Know

Leila Lopez

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CEO stands for Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities. CEO is a class where
students learn about how local businesses stay successful and the story behind
them. Also, students create their own business. To qualify for CEO, you have to turn
in an application with a letter explaining why you would benefit the program and two
letters of recommendation.

The Chamber of Commerce and the facilitator of the class, Mrs. Hovland review the applications and pick around 20 students who are most qualified. The class counts as student’s Language Arts credit and two elective credits for the year. This year is the first CEO class ever in Mower County. The program has been successful in many other places such as Willmar, Minnesota and Ironwood Springs. To learn even more about the class, they have a website (  where anyone can go to learn more about the class and stay updated on the events occurring.
I interviewed CEO student and senior at AHS, Raymond Lucero to get a deeper understanding
and inside look. Raymond decided to join CEO because of the new opportunities he can gain. He gets to learn the business side of things which can help him build business skills he can apply to college, life, and careers. Raymond learned about this opportunity through a presentation given last year and through Mrs. Hovland an AHS Language Arts teacher and facilitator of the CEO program. Raymond’s favorite part of the program is getting to create his own business and make a profit. Raymond is still undecided about what business he’d like to start but is certain it will be successful in the end. His least favorite part is waking up early to be there by 7:00 in the
morning. He said, “Waking up early is a struggle but it’s worth the outcome in the end.” Raymond believes that when joining this class, you can gain new connections with important people in the community such as business owners. Some businesses that invest in CEO include The Austin Daily Herald, Austin Utilities, US bank and a whopping 45 more!

Local business owners are hoping that this program will drive the CEO kids to create their own businesses in the future to keep Austin alive and thriving. Hopes are that CEO will continue and impact not only the CEO students but the community as a whole.

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