2018 Robotics Invitational

Jarod Feifarek

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On October 13, 2018, 36 robotics teams gathered at Roseville Area High School to compete against each other in the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition. This invitational was hosted by Robotics team 2846, The FireBears, from Roseville, Minnesota.

This mock competition was used as an opportunity to get into the robotics spirit, show off robots and drive skills, and also used to teach new members of teams what a robotics environment is like. The new members of team 3055, Furious George, from Austin, Minnesota, got lots of experience driving, fixing the robot, being on the field, and recording data of robots from the stands. This was a very eye-opening and huge step in the door of robotics for these new students and they really got hooked into this great sport that many of the veterans of the team have enjoyed for multiple years. Alex Hamlin, a junior Robotics student and a rookie of the team has said, “It was a great experience and the feeling you get when you are on the field is so cool.” Jacob Foote, a senior robotics student and one of the team’s four-year veterans said, “it was great for rookies and vets, it teaches rookies what to expect and hyped up for the event and the vets get into the swing of robotics before the season.” Foote also said, “the rookies got a great experience from the event, we (the vets) could have driven (the robot) the whole time and easily won but that is not what events like this are for.”. This event, even though not won by 3055, was a very good learning experience for everyone and was seen as a successful event by everyone who was there