The Bahamas: The place To Be

Joselyn Huerta, Social Media Consultant

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Students from Austin High School took a poll on Twitter (@AHSSentinel) about where they would like to vacation this summer. Out of 4 options, 36% of students chose to travel to The Bahamas. The Bahamas are located in the Gulf of Mexico within North America. There’s nice weather almost every day, and since it’s close to the equator it’s warm year round.
The Bahama’s Junkanoo Carnival runs from the last days in April to the early days in May. It’s a tradition of the Bahamian culture, and one of the most anticipated events of the year. Every year over 50,000 locals and tourists come to Grand Baham

The Bahamasa to participate in this cultural event.
The Bahamas are made up of 700 small islands, so another pass time that travelers enjoy doing is island hopping. Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, and often times where travelers go to visit. It is very easy to island hop from Nassau. Either from a boat or ferry, which are inexpensive, but there is an option to take a plane. Only about 30 islands have people living on them, so there are a lot of little islands in which you can hop to and see the uniqueness of each one of them.
The Bahamas aren’t just a place to go vacation, like everywhere else, it has history. Certain islands of the Bahamas have historical buildings one can go see and learn about their history. Take the time to see their history and don’t just go there for the beaches, although that is another plus in visiting the Bahamas. They have nice pink beaches for one to soak up the sun.
There are many more things to do in the Bahamas such as snorkeling and diving, eating all their festive foods, shopping in their cultural stands, even go to pigs swimming. Take the Bahamas into consideration on your next vacation.

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