April Snowstorm

Hugh Olson, Editor

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On April 3rd, 2018, a large snowstorm blew over Mower County and the surrounding area, coating Austin in almost six inches of snow. Along with this snowstorm, came the cancelation of school and subsequently the ACT testing that was scheduled for that day was postponed. Two Juniors from Austin High School: Mariah Iverson and Victor Velazquez (also known as yodin-af), were asked for their opinions on the rescheduling of the test. “Personally, I think it is beneficial because it gives students more time to study and prepare for the test”, said Velazquez. When Iverson was asked for her opinion, she said “It was beneficial. It gives us more time to study for it”. The ACT being moved due to a snow day was unprecedented here at Austin High, and has been rescheduled to be taken on April 24th.


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