A Day in The Life of Pline

Joselyn Huerta, Social Media Consultant

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Carlene Pline is a teacher in the Language Arts department, this is Pline’s fourth year at Austin High. Before teaching at this High School, Pline was a teacher in Kansas and  Australia. Pline has a one year old daughter and is married to Jordan Pline, who is an elementary school teacher at Sumner elementary.

Pline’s everyday life starts at about 5:30 am every weekday. Between having to get ready herself, her daughter, and getting some breakfast to eat, arrival at the high school comes close to being on time. Just like all teachers, Pline has classes all day. The classes vary from AP Lit English to Avid to Journalism, etc. Pline enjoys her days at the High School because “I have gotten closer to a lot of students and I love teaching. I can’t imagine doing anything else as a career”.  After school life involves picking up her daughter, getting dinner ready for the household, putting her daughter to bed, and just spending some time with Mr. Pline.

Weekends are different from weekdays, and this goes with everyone. The activities that Pline does on the weekend vary each time. Sometimes, it’ll be spent in town with Mr. Pline’s parents or in the cities with Mrs. Pline’s parents. The couple will work on the house, anything that has to get fixed or purchased. Or just spend some time with their daughter at home or some activity in Austin. When asked if she would like to change anything in her life, she said “I enjoy my current life, the only thing I would like to change, is the location of my house. The street it’s on is kind of busy and pretty public. My husband would love a country house someday.”

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