Last minute things : Prom

Joselyn Huerta, Social Media Consultant

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Prom is right around the corner and it’s all students can talk about these days. The Sentinel met up with some girls to get some information on which prom shops to hit this year. Some girls have had their dresses for a few months and some still need to look for one.

Prom Shop in Rochester seems to be a hit this year for girls who are running out of time. The store has a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. “I went in there not knowing what I would want for a prom dress. I talked to one of the ladies who worked there, told her what I was interested in, and found me the perfect dress!” says Monika Vargas. According to other girls, David’s Bridal is also nice if you’re is looking for a more elegant, pricier dress. For the girls who are seniors this year, that may be of interest since it will be the last year attending a high school dance.

Jessica Rubio is one that had just decided to go to prom earlier this week. She says, “I really didn’t want to go because I didn’t have a dress, but my friends convinced me but now I’m on a time crunch to find a dress I like! Many people have recommended me ‘’ and to choose the fastest shipping. So that’s my plan.” Many girls resort to “” because it’s a great website to find a variety of dresses for a great price. There are many options for ladies to get that perfect dress to wear to their prom.

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