Homecoming Week: Tping.

Thomas Heimer

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Monday, September 17th marked the beginning of homecoming week 2018. It also marked the beginning of the nightly festivities of the week. Seniors and Juniors were out in full force. Among the many people tp’ed was Senior Homecoming King Candidate, Connor Byram. Byram was tp’ed on Wednesday, September 19th by the Senior class. His initial reaction to being tp’ed was, “happy because it was being done by the best class in the school!” Being that Byram was a part of the 2018 homecoming court it was inevitable that he would be tp’ed just as the rest of the court. When asked about his reaction to being on the homecoming court, Connor said “A little surprised but mainly just honored to represent my class!” While Connor was being tp’ed he did go outside. Byram even admitted to joining in the fun on his own house, stating, “I did participate for a little bit, but then I realized I would end up picking it up so I stopped.” Seeing Byram’s house afterwards it was a big mess to clean up. He said “It took me about 30 minutes then the rain and wind took care of the rest.” He also said “Yes, the class of 1-9 did an amazing job when they tp’ed my home.” While Byram’s house was a mess after the massive amount of toilet paper thrown all over it, he and his family were good sports about it and understood the years old tradition of Austin High School. When asked who class is the best in the High School right now? His reply was simply “It’s not even close! 1 9 All the way!”

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