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Netflix started in 1997 in California. Netflix is a popular app with the students of Austin High School because it is addictive and distracting , because having all the episodes in Netflix  causes everyone to want to binge watch them. There are a lot of shows that are on Netflix, new and old! Some students have told opinions on what they know that are new and caught their eye such as the movies “13th,” “Stranger Things,” and “Sin Bad.” Also, when asked if they could add any shows to Netflix that was not already on the platform. Raevian Maclntosh, answered “I’d put Modern Family on Netflix if I could put any show on.” Kristina Thorson responded to the question with the show “NCIS.” Taking suggestions about shows could be a step that Netflix could take to advance and better them. Who do you wish you could be in one of your shows in Netflix was asked to Qiah Baxter, a senior at AHS, and she stated, “I would want to be Reddington from “Blacklist” because he is smart and has a lot of resources.”

According to Statista, in 2016 there are 33.3 million Netflix users around the world. Not only is this platform used by kids, adults also use this to stream movies. Some students from Austin High School were asked what are some shows that they wished were more recognized because they enjoyed to watch them. Kristina Thorson expressed how One Tree Hill should be more recognized because it is very interesting and entertaining. Raevian stated “I know of a documentary that was recently added to Netflix, it’s called “13th”. I think that the documentary should be more noticed because it has some pretty shocking statistics, as well as some heartbreaking truths to it” when she was asked what should be more widely recognized. Qiah Baxter thinks that Netflix is great because she gets to keep up on the newest show. The negative point of view that Qiah can see is that Netflix makes her become very unproductive with her work. Even though Netflix has many different genres and many movies not all the movies are on there.

Netflix is a great way to watch movies and shows uninterrupted by commercials. A fun question that was asked to Kristina was if her life was put into a Netflix movie than what category would be it be under and she responded comedy. Netflix allows people to discover new shows that without this program they probably never would have not even heard of it. Another aspect of Netflix is that it allows its audience to be up to date with all the catchy catchphrases that are popular. The last benefit of Netflix is that it is continuous and will not have the audience waiting long. Finally, Netflix can be viewed as a distraction by many. Also, the app and platform can be viewed as a great escape from the stress that school and other responsibilities that are put everyone. There are pros and cons to Netflix but as long as it continues to get the newest shows and movies it will succeed.


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