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Factual, Yet Fun Things About Some Of Our Newly Elected and Past Presidents

Kaleb Blaser

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Although this season of the Jerry Springer Show is over, I mean the 2016 Election season, it is important to realize that not every one of our past presidents is a bad dude, who cheats on his wife, is open about it, then laughs about it, or hates on minorities, praying on the fear of those “under him.” But I mean not every president is a perfect guy with no hands in the cookie jar, I mean ask John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe! So, I’ll start with our newest President, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and let’s give a warm welcome to the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Over the course of Mr. Trumps campaign, he managed to lead a political revolution, get roasted on SNL over and over, come back from the brink of political campaign death many times, and still won the presidency. There are maybe fun, and influential things about the guy, and it is that he won a Presidential Election, with no previous political or military background. Unheard of in the world. But it is time to get down to the cold hard fun facts about Trump

  1. His residence Trump Tower, was used for “Wayne Enterprises” in the movie, The Dark Night Rises.
  2. He passed up an offer to buy the New England Patriots in the 80’s because he thought they were a bad investment.

On my endeavors, I found myself in Mr. Schwab’s classroom, which worked perfectly for me, him being a American History teacher and all. I thought to myself, mhmm Donald Trump is history being made in the process, why not ask him a couple of fun facts about past Presidents? So, I asked him to share a single fact, about 4 different presidents, the first one being:

  1. Theodore Roosevelt- Mr. Schwab had to say “Teddy Roosevelt got shot, yelled ‘I got Pinked’ then continued to give a speech directly after.”
  2. Franklin Roosevelt-“Not really a fun fact, but President Roosevelt had Polio, and the media did not want to embarrass him, so they started recording him after he was already standing at the podium.”
  3. John F. Kennedy-“He saved a man’s life, by swimming him to safety, while he had a degenerative back disease, causing him to me in a lot of pain.”
  4. George W. Bush-“He was a cheerleader in college.”

Very cool of Mr. Schwab to share those with me, but this story is only just beginning,


It’s not every day a cool teacher comes along like Mr. Verke, who is capable of dropping some knowledge. Like Mr. Schwab, I asked him to share four fun facts about four presidents

  1. Raegan- “He was an Actor before being a president.”
  2. Bill Clinton-“He is a great saxophone player, and he has the IQ of genius intellect.”
  3. Dwight Eisenhower- “Not really a fun fact, but he was a major planner in the invasion of Normandy.”
  4. Lyndon B. Johnson-“Legend has it, there was a meeting of a bunch of major mobsters at Johnson’s house the night before Kennedys death, but I don’t know, it is just a legend.”

I know these facts where fun for you guys, and I appreciate you all reading.

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Factual, Yet Fun Things About Some Of Our Newly Elected and Past Presidents