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Finals: Before or After Winter Break?

Bryant Borland

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You just got back from winter break and now finals are right around the corner, but you probably spent most of the time traveling or having fun on break instead of studying. Now, imagine taking those finals before Christmas break so you wouldn’t have to worry about that? Students at Riverland Community College start their year earlier, but end their semester before winter break. Some High school students like Wyatt Bakke think there’s nothing wrong with this. “You just need to study during break and you’ll have no problem during finals.”  Other people believe the alternative is the better way including PSEO Student Michael Bergstrom. “It’s 100 percent more efficient and effective to have them before. There is no logical reason to have them after break. It simply does no good, it causes stress and lower scores due to kids forgetting material.” “There is no denying the unlikely hood that a student will prepare over break and it is silly to argue that it is the students fault when the exams could easily come before the break.” Bergstrom finished by claiming that results would improve. “They should have done it this way years ago; test scores could easily increase by fifteen percent across the board.” College Professor and High school teacher Rayce Hardy expressed his thoughts on the topic. “It’s mostly because we start in September instead of August and that’s just how it works. I think it’s getting to the point though where we’re going to have to be starting school earlier. Have students work at their own pace more, it just makes more sense. Albert Lea did an in-between what we do and what Sumner does with the 45/15 style and were able to get finals in a week before Christmas” Hardy also talked about how high school juniors and seniors are at a disadvantage because of the high school’s current schedule. “It has ramifications in May because juniors and seniors aren’t getting done until June and the PSEO students can get a summer job earlier.” It may be a bit away but the benefits for the end of first and second semesters will probably push for this type of schedule for high school students in the future.

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Finals: Before or After Winter Break?