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Y' Adam Kpa

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“Students today graduation tomorrow.” – AHS.

What makes Austin High School so great for students to learn? What brings them together to build a community that works? Teachers still go with the old-school law “should we change the way we teach to modern day teaching as technology improves?” we as a student body also need to improve our knowledge more than just teaching the basic, and not take bias information.”

As a student, Y’ Adam felt like he can change more than his future, help his community inspired them to step up. Y’ Adam goes to Austin High School in Austin, MN a small town with top spam products. Y’ Adam moved here in 2011 when his family was looking for a work. Y’ Adam didn’t really care about moving to a new state but he was very excited to see his life changes he made. Before he moved to Minnesota he lived in California and at that time he was little but he knew he always wanted to help others, and inspire people, even his friends.

Students can make a big change in a way if they discover a way to change that, not being stuck doing something that they don’t enjoy in life, if the students know how to put effort into it and not faking it like they enjoy doing. Many articles explain why students fail to choose a career that they enjoy getting into. The reason is they can’t focus on what is right for them in front of their peers such as peer pressure, bullying, etc. If they figure out how to overcome this fact and lived a free mind this will increase their knowledge. Students that actually work sometimes follow the path where they want to go.

Austin High School Sports most of the sports fan base is crazy, wild most of the sports that they go crazy over is basketball since they’re doing good wining most of the games, almost made it to state. Depends on the stats that they hit the spot means big things could happen in the next few years. My guess in the next few years our team will continue to progress on winning on these events such as basketball, soccer etc. Y’ Adam thoughts Austin high school will remind him that life moves on fast and in the next few years he believed Austin high school will be better than ever making it more better technology, learning skills. In the beginning, it was just a start to an end students must believe in what they want to accomplish in life, living a free mind.

Final, thoughts on “Austin In a Flash” what do Y’ Adam mean by that? It was when Y’ Adam started freshman year going into it was a huge step. Y’ Adam thought this would impact my school year which did, at first Y’ Adam thought freshman year was going to the hardest step to take but it wasn’t because Y’ Adam focus on his grade and not focus on the others things that goes on his life. Y’ Adam balance his ideal schedule having a lot of free time. “What did he do with that time well he dances, film, sports, study, explore, and volunteer within his community.


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