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Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge, a gruesome but hopeful battle

Dan Zan

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Justin Reh, showing us his movie ticket upon entering the movie chambers/mid-shot/photographed by Dan Z

A movie about a Medal Honor recipient name, Desmond Ross. He fought in the Battle of Okinawa saving many of his allies without ever firing a single weapon.

When the movie trailer came out, it was titled “Hacksaw Ridge.” Checking it out and was astonished on what the trailer had presented, had no prior knowledge of one man upon his beliefs would save many lives during the assault on Hacksaw Ridge. The Battle of Okinawa occurred during the end of World War II, on the Japanese Ryukyu Islands on which Desmond Doss was stationed. During the movie, a scene was shown in the barracks with a drill sergeant played by Vince Vaughn yelling at the new recruits at Fort Jackson. This scene had Justin Reh, one of the audience member remarked, “I can relate to the basic training shown in the movie, my favorite scene was when the sergeant was yelling at all of the recruits and calling them names.” Hacksaw Ridge is a movie that showed how one man defied all odds during this battle on Okinawa.

Desmond Doss, born in Lynchburg, Virginia on 1919, later entered military service on April 1, 1942. He was a Seventh-day Adventist which his beliefs would affect him during the war, he would become a conscientious objector. During the battle of Okinawa, along with his company they were tasked to take the Maeda Escarpment or “Hacksaw Ridge” which was causing the American forces heavy casualties. When his company assaulted the ridge, they were met with heavy resistance from the Japanese having to pull out from there, but many wounded soldiers were also left behind when the retreat was ordered. Desmond remained on the ridge and successfully saved around 72 soldiers ranging from major to minor injuries, he wasn’t worried about his life only focused on saving his fellow soldiers from certain death and never firing a single weapon. After the end of the war, Desmond was given the Medal of Honor by President Truman (Desmond).

This movie showed how one man overcame a life or death situation in war, but also staying true to his beliefs. He helped save many soldiers by himself without the care of his life, which is one of the morals of the soldier’s creed “I will never a fallen comrade behind” that he had. “I liked everything about this movie, especially the parts when Desmond didn’t quit and stayed true to his words,” Justin shared, a

s a member of the U.S military, this movie showed that in war anything can happen but in the end your beliefs can help you overcome anything even save lives. So, go and watch this amazing movie about a man against all odds did the impossible.



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Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge, a gruesome but hopeful battle