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Netflix Controversy

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The series “13 Reasons Why” has been a greatly criticized series, because of the powerful message that it has given and the intense subject matter it covers. Many people may wonder why would it be a good idea to watch it. Mainly, it explores topics that many people don’t like to talk about. Topics that have been talked about include sexual abuse, bullying, and suicide. In only 13 episodes, the series successfully explained and touched into the topics deeply. People who like to watch TV series where topics such as those are not feared to be shown, should definitely watch this series.
Season 1

Another season why you should watch “13 Reasons Why” is because season 2 will soon be released on Friday May 18. This will be explaining what happened to some of the characters, but it will also be introducing new characters into the series. Season 2 will also answer all the unanswered questions that season 1 left. Netflix confirmed that season 2 will continue to touch the topics of mental issues and the challenges that some teenagers face day by day.

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Netflix Controversy