A Movie Review: Get Out

Ngor Deng

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Get Out is one the best movies that came out in the year 2017. It was a movie about a young African-American male and his white girlfriend that went to go visit her parents upstate. Chris was hesitant when Rose told him about the visit to her parents’ house. Chris was worried about the issue of her parents judging him and Rose about the bi-racial relationship they have. He then proceeds to go with her to go visit them. On the way, they hit a deer and get forced off the road. The police arrive at the accident since Rose reported it. They ask Chris for his ID even though Rose was the one driving. She then steps in and tells the officer to back off. Then the officer lets them go, Chris from that can detect the racial remarks from him. Once they arrive to the estate Chris sees the African – American groundskeeper and housekeeper and is kind of bothered by their presence but Rose explains how they’re referred to more as a family member than workers.

They proceed to meet Rose’s parents, her mom who is a Hypnotherapist and her dad who is a neurosurgeon. He meets them and her brother over dinner. Later that night, Chris couldn’t sleep so he goes outside to smoke, and he sees the African American groundskeeper sprinting full on in the middle of the night. He then sees the Housekeeper walking around like a ghost and then he gets kind of creeped out, so he goes inside the house to speak to Rose’s Mother. She then brings up his smoking habit and was talking him into a hypnotherapy session to ‘’cure’’ him of his habit. She manages to put him in hypnotic-state where he sees things such as his mother’s death and the dark feelings with it. She then leverages to sink Chris consciousness into a dark void called the ‘’ Sunken Place’’. He then wakes up in bed covered in sweat, he dismisses it as a dream but then when he went to go smoke it started to nauseate him. He figured out from Rose’s father that he had a hypnotherapy session and then was cured of his smoking habit.

Later, the Armitage’s host their fancy annual party, where lots of wealthy Caucasians come. Chris talks to a wide range of guests and he hears almost the same thing from every guest. They talked to him either about his physique or comments about African American people. Chris made his way out of the crowd and bumped into a blind man who is an art dealer who Chris respects. He runs into another African American man named Logan King who seemed familiar although it was their first time meeting each other. Logan seemed off because he was responding in a mechanical, almost rehearsed voice. So, Chris tries to secretly take a picture of him to send it to his friend Rod, but his flash goes off. It triggers a reaction from Logan as his nose began bleeding and he starts screaming ‘’ get out ‘’.  Chris manages to send the photo to Rod, and Rod tells Chris that his real name is Andre Hayworth who has been missing for a year and a half already. Chris decides to escape and while doing that he stumbles across a box full of black men, including one of the housekeepers. The box was a collection of Roses’ pasts ‘’ relationships’’.

Chris realizes that he is in trouble when he finds out that the Armitage family prevents him from leaving. Rose then admits that everything between them was to lure him in and then Rose’s mother puts him into a state where he can’t move. He finds himself strapped to the chair in the basement. On the screen playing was Rose’s grandfather explaining the reasoning behind the kidnappings. It was explained that Wealthy Caucasians can use African Americans can be used as hosts for transplanted via a combination of neurosurgery and hypnotic conditioning. The host’s body acts like a helpless participant, trapped in its own mind. Chris stuffs his ear to prevent getting into the hypnotic state and manages to kill Rose’s father and her brother. He was escaping when he hits Georgina the housekeeper and he gets guilty of bringing back his mother’s death. To find out what happens next, you will have to go see the movie. This viewer would recommend it to any person who is into suspenseful movies. The ending is very intense.

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