Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review  

Kamryn Helfritz

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Spiderman was originally a comic that they wanted to give a bigger voice and image too. This wasn’t the first Spider-man movie but it does have a new twist. They decided to take away from the original spider-man that everyone loves and knows and make a new Spider-man who carries on a different name rather than your average Peter Parker.

The new spider-man movie ‘Into the Spider-verse’ is based on a teenage boy named Miles Morales who is the son of a policeman and is just starting at a new school. He and his uncle are street painters and when they head to a spot for painting, he is then bitten by a radioactive spider. The radioactivity that enters his bloodstream then gave him powers turning him into the new spider-man. As he struggles to find himself in the mess of it all, he is never alone.

“I thought it was done well for a cartoon, it kept the attention of an adult very well” states Russell Helfritz, a father of an Austin high school student. Most people consider cartoons to be only for children so for them to be able to please any audience means they thought about age groups.  Russell also makes a comment saying, “It was humorous, gave excitement and a sense of completion because it left off with no cliff hanger.

Russell is known as a Cinephile (an avid movie goer). He has been to plenty of movies in his lifetime being in his 40’s now. He was asked what he would change about the movie and why. His response was, “I would change the art style of it because it seemed it should have been displayed in the three-dimensional format. I feel they could’ve taken out one of the characters because they weren’t significant to the original storyline.” He later states that they did a good job portraying the original writer’s perspective of the characters and gave them background stories that suited them as a character.

Overall the movie was a big hit, with a rating of 8.8 out of 10 stars and made over a million dollars. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, get out there and go see it!

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