Kenny’s Oak Grill: A Must Stop in Austin

Connor Hackensmith

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Have you ever heard of Kenny’s Oak Grill? It is located in Austin, MN, across the street from the high school and is definitely a place that should not be missed.

The inside of the restaurant has old pictures, instruments, and also old sports equipment. All of these things bring back memories from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and up to today.  Kenny ’s is a very well-liked restaurant here in Austin. A lot of people here in town really enjoy going there. The employees are very friendly there and take very good care of you while you spend your time dinning in. I went to Kenny’s dining 1-3-19 for dinner. I had decided from all of their wonderful options that I was going to ordered breakfast. What I had ordered was scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and pancakes. when I got my food it looked very appetizing and I couldn’t wait to dive in and enjoy it. It was very well cooked to the way liked it all. The portion of food that I had gotten was more than enough to fill me up as I couldn’t finish it all. My waitress was very friendly and good. She made conversation with us other than taking our orders but she also made sure we had everything that we needed to make our visit very enjoyable. She was one of the best waitresses that I have had while dinning in there. It makes it such a better experience dinning in when you have someone that makes does everything that they can so you have a good time. I will for sure come back to Kenny’s oak grill for another awesome experience because there aren’t many restaurants in town that give you the same amount of care as this place does. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody that hasn’t gone here before or to someone who is just stopping through.