Movie Review: Spirited Away

Erica Kornexl

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 Spirited Away is a hand-drawn animated movie made September 20, 2002. It was created by Hiyao Miyazaki. Spirited Away is an imaginative and moving story of a 10

-year-old girl named Chihiro, she and her parents are moving from the big city to rural provenances of Japan, but they get lost along the way. They stumble upon a red brick tunnel in a dense forest. Within the tunnel is an abandoned amusement park, at dusk the shops seem to reopen. Her parents eat the food in a small shop, but after a bit, they turn in to fat and grotesque pigs. Chihiro having refused to eat doesn’t turn in to a pig.

A must see for AHS, and all.


The story then leads to a large bathhouse where she meets Haku, a young boy slightly older than Chihiro. Because everyone in the bathhouse has a job, he tells her she must find one. She has to apply to Yubaba who owns the bathhouse. Yubaba is a fearsome old witch who gives her a job, but she steals her name and gives her a new one, Sen. Yubaba’s rule is that Chihiro may not leave until she gets her old name back. She becomes determined to regain her old name and return to the mainland. The only way for her to get back is on a daily train that only runs one way. She also wants to find her parents and make them human again.

Throughout Chihiro’s adventure, she meets many wondrous and fanciful creatures. She makes some friends, though, some treat her with disdain. It is a wondrous, mystifying, and fanciful story that is well recommended and seemingly liked by all that watch it. Tanya Kornexl, the mother to high schoolers Erica and Samantha Kornexl, says that Spirited Away is a wonderful story for children and adults alike. Tanya says she recommends any studio Ghibli film for movie night.