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The Underdogs Pull Through

Becky Vargas and Caylee Meier

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It’s’ a cool night on October 19, 2016, as the senior football players and cheerleaders step foot on their home field one last time to celebrate senior night. The Packer fans quickly fill in the stands hoping for a great game. As the stadium lights turn on, the senior football players along with the senior cheerleaders, line up along the entrance with their parent(s). As their name is being read, the player and their parent pose for a picture before walking across the field to be recognized. After the senior ceremony, the night started off with the playing of the national anthem. Starting lineup started when the announcer began reading the names of the first set of players along with their positions that were out on the field. As starting lineup was going on, the cheerleaders put up their first stunt called ‘Swedish falls’. When the scoreboard started the fans and the packer cheerleaders showed their excitement through many cheers.

Not too long into the first quarter, Austin Packers Tabarie Gunsallus started off the night by scoring the first touchdown of the game, leading the Packers towards victory. The crowd cheered with joy as sophomore, Jojo Shamp flew in a ‘basket toss’, which is when the flyer gets thrown in the air and does a Russian split. Shown by the cheerleaders, celebrating their touchdown.

Faribault scored their first touchdown in the second quarter, but the Falcons didn’t have time to celebrate before the Packers scored yet again. In a blink of an eye it was halftime. The cheerleaders threw flyer, Maddie Wood, into a pendulum. A pendulum is when the flyer gets thrown back and forth like a rainbow. Following the pendulum, was their next stunt called ‘egg drop’, which is made of elevators and a combination of twists and turns, that went along with the chant “Here we go Packers”, featuring flyers, Tressie Kinney, Jojo Shamp, and Emma Tauchnitz. Soon after fans of both sides rush to the food court trying to keep warm. Not only did the fans rush but the packer cheerleaders as well, rushing to the hot chocolate that was provided for them.

Third quarter came sooner rather than later. Both the Falcons and the Packers add points to the scoreboard for their team. The fans begin to get very excited, so excited that they started chanting along with the cheerleaders, definitely not afraid to show their packer pride. As the Packer football team scored yet another touchdown, the packer cheer team entertained the fans with a stunt named, ‘waterfall’, featuring sophomore flyer Sam Sheldon. Although the crowd wasn’t a fan of the breezy weather, that did not stop them from showing their excitement for scarlett and white. The crowd and cheerleaders began to shout the ‘rowdy’ chant. It seemed to have worked because moments later the packers added another touchdown to the scoreboard.

Fourth quarter came and by that time, it was a bit obvious who was going to take the W home with them. Even though both teams knew the outcome, they never quit delivering. In the end, they both put up a great fight. As the final quarter came to an end, the rowdy Austin packer fans began leaving the stands to congratulate the team. It was in that moment that the crowd began to sing along as the Austin packer football players and cheerleaders led the crowd with the fight song, celebrating yet another victory. The Austin Packer football team took their third win against the Faribault falcons. When asked how it felt being his last home game as a packer, Bryant answered, “We just have to go out there and give it our all. They can’t contain me”. The falcons indeed, made it very clear that the Austin packers could not be contained. “We have had some rough times, but we’re still keeping our heads up. It felt awesome getting those two wins”, concluded senior player Bryant Borland. It sure is a great night to be a packer!

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The Underdogs Pull Through