Austin High School Swimming Team

Dan Zan

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The Boy swim and dive team will travel to Rochester for their meet and test how well their practice pays off.

“We were strong and prepared,” said Kaleb Blaser, a senior at Austin High. He is a captain of the swim team and an excellent swimmer. Swimming is a sport that tests endurance while in the water. It was held in Rochester at 6:30 p.m. a few hours after school and hopefully the swimming practices helped, because cramps are key factors that could irritate the swimmer and crush their motivation to keep swimming for the day.

The swim team began with the medley backstroke, which was quite feat. Then there was the 100 meter freestyle, 100 meter backstroke, and finally a 100 meter relay with four swimmers. Eventually they lost, “Team Lost!, but it was an impressive showing for us,” Blaser included.  Swimming is a sport where your body will sweat in the water, but practice does make perfect but it won’t happen over night.  “It was good watching the AHS swim team even if they did lose,” answered Dawson Hollund, another senior from Austin high who was watching the meet.

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