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Austin Girls Packer Volleyball vs. Faribault

Jennifer Sandoval

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Volleyball game was on October 2, 2018 at 7pm to 9pm Austin against Faribault. All the volleyball players start off my warming up. The Austin players start by warming up with sets and bumps in a corner outside the court. Meanwhile, the opposite team uses the court to warm up with their serves, bumps, and sets using the net. The players do this for two minutes and then the team
switches off with the opposite team. The players warm up for about ten minutes. After the time is up the players go with their couches and talk about their positions and how they are going to start.
The game started off by Austin scoring the first point than the opposite team scored one. For a while the Faribault were scoring points in a row and then Austin scored again after a few scores of the opposite team. After a few points of the opposite team then the Austin team were scoring. The crowd were all getting excited for the Austin team. Well the first round of game the Austin team won by 18 to 25 points. The players were happy, but still had to play more about a few minutes of time out. The second round of the game it started off with points of the Faribault. The Austin team were trying their best to be able to score one. The game was intensive. The Faribault were winning the game. The second round of game the Faribault won by 28 to 30. One team would have one more than the other
and then they would tie up and this kept on going for about five times in a row.
Then the crowded were getting all nervous because the game was going back and forth. It was going on
for three times in a row for the second round of game.
Both teams did their best for trying to win the game. The team that won was the Faribault.

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Austin Girls Packer Volleyball vs. Faribault