Austin Boys Soccer:A Season Comes to a Close

Jackson Hollund

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Soccer is a popular sport to watch here in Austin. It’s popular with both the
student and adults with both participating in chants, volunteering and keeping others informed with scores of the games, and their games always leave you at the edge of your seat.

The boy’s soccer team is a very skilled group of players and continue to surprise fans with insane goals and plays. The Varsity captains are Kevin
Ortiz, Victor Velazquez, Mooday Wah, and Caleb Simerson. Their record this season was 16-2.

They lost to Rochester Lourdes in a close game, ending with Austin scoring two goals and Lourdes just outscoring them by one.

The second team they lost to was Rochester Mayo with the final score being Austin 0 and Mayo 1. Even though they lost two games they were still ranked first in the Big 9. During the Section Playoff Austin played Cannon Falls, and to no surprise, Austin completely blew them out of the water. The ending score of the game with, Austin beating Cannon Falls 3-0. After that victory, they continued their season with another blow out game against Byron with the ending score being 4-1. This let them to the Big 9 championship game against Rochester Lourdes. This was one of the most intense games of their season. With both teams not scoring a goal in the 90-minute game, it went into overtime. Just a few minutes into overtime Caleb Simerson hits in a header, ending the game 1-0, and making Austin Big 9 Champions 2 years in a row. This allowed Austin to make it to the State Finals, for the 2nd year in a row.
Their first state game was against Holy Family in Prior Lake. They had a rough start at the beginning but ended up winning 2-1. With that win, they took their next game to the US Bank Stadium against Blake. Which, unfortunately, ended up with Blake winning 3-1 over Austin. The team was devastated with the loss, but despite that, they came to the next game with their heads held high and determined to win their next match. Austin did what they do best and came home with the 3rd place title beating Holy Angels 1-0 with an amazing score by Julio Hernandez with just a minute to spare.

I had a chance to interview one of the managers for the team, McKenzie
Pelletier 17, and when asked how she felt the team played this year she said “Overall the boys had a solid season this year and made it to state, unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the finals but came back with third
place when Julio Hernandez scored in the last minute of the game against Holy Angels.” I also asked her if there was anything the team could work on and she responded with “With any team, there’s always room for improvement, they give their all during practice and the Austin boys are well determined to win but could work on keeping solid as in keeping composed during rough games.” The Austin boys are a very talented soccer team and will continue to play strong.

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