Austin Girls Tennis Team Receives Major L Against Albert Lea

Maria Cruz Barrios

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On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, the Austin High School Girl’s Tennis Team played against Albert Lea on AL’s home court and sadly lost. The twenty-minute bus ride to Albert Lea was filled with mindless chatter and talk of the expectations to win the meet; Austin has beaten Albert Lea many times at tennis meets.

Upon arrival, the girls were ready and alert. They had about twenty minutes  to warm up with partners before facing their opponents. After warming up, the tennis teams did their lineups with enthusiasm and met briefly. When asked if they thought they were going to do well, a girl responded, “Yeah, I mean we’ve beaten them many times”. Another teammate responded with, “I actually don’t know. They have a new coach this year, so we’ll see if they’ve gotten better.”

Singles and doubles players met their opponents and began to practice. Each court decides when they’ve had enough practice and they can start playing.  Everything started out fine as each court began their games. As we watched, it could be seen that many of the Albert Lea players were ahead of the Austin players. We watched with increasing worry as the Albert Lea players powered ahead. Many of the games did not last long. One by one, the games finished with Austin losses. Some of the girls were confused as to why they lost. Some
blamed the line-up. There was little anger upon the girls, but they were distracted when they realized there was still a doubles game going on. It could be seen that Austin was ahead which made the girls happy despite losing their games. Sarah Bachmeier and Katie Willrodt, from Austin, won their game. After the meet, one of the Austin players commented, “They’ve never played like that before. I think it’s because of the new coach.”

The Austin girls Tennis team may have lost, but many agreed that they still had fun.

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