Bruins Home Opener

Reginald Millette

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On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, I had the opportunity to talk to Assistant
captain Dante Zapata about the Austin Bruins home opener. He says home ice
advantage is a big part of hockey and the will of the players to want
to win plays a big part as well. Before the game on Friday night, Zapata had some
health issues, he says he had a headache and was throwing up. He says he
gets them all the time so he is used to it.
“Practice the week before our home opener wasn’t very good, lots of guys
were loose.” Coming off a big week at the showcase Dante told me that the guys
were a little arrogant and loose the next week. It is pretty hard to string a good week
together at the showcase and with the team getting seven of eight points. They had
the right to be a little arrogant. Coach Howard wasn’t very happy all week and it
kind of rubbed off on the players. The day before the game Dante said the
boys got bagged. The practices were so bad and he guesses that the coaches just had
On game day, Zapata woke up from his nap not feeling right. He says he gets
headaches normally and feels like he has to throw up. The Bruins had three key
guys already out of the lineup, so they couldn’t afford to have another one out for
the home opener. Zapata had to fight through and play. Starting on the first line
with right-wing, Reggie Millette, and left wing Connor Mylimoc. Both teams had their
share of chances. It was an even game, for the most part, Zapata shared it could have
gone either way. In all, Zapata had a good time, he says that the fans definitely had
a good time and he appreciates them coming out to support the Bruins. The final
score of the game was 2-1 as the Bruins suffered a loss to the Bobcats.

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