Volleyball: Packers vs. Huskies   

Jillian Bastyr

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The Austin Packers played the Owatonna Huskies on Thursday, October 4. They had played them earlier in the season and took a loss against the huskies. The Packers then played them again. The Packers lost two sets against the Huskies. When I interviewed Lily Holtz, she said “We all huddled up before the third set, and the mentality shifted when we needed to fight and also knowing we could win.” She also said, “We were caught sleeping in a sense right like we weren’t ready to play but once we got warmed up, we started to work like a team, and everyone was on their game.” The packers then went on to play their third, fourth, and fifth set against the Huskies. They ended up beating the Huskies in the last three sets. Coach Cost told the girls “We were finally playing to win instead of playing not to lose.” In the fifth round Lily Holtz hit back to back aces. Jordyn McCormack also came back and slammed down two kills to put the Packers up 7-6. Jordyn had another slam and made it 11-6. The packers defeated the Huskies a team they thought they couldn’t win against, but put a fight up to take a win against them.

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