Austin Boys Basketball vs John Marshal

Isaac Kenyon

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Austin Boy’s Basketball faced a tough opponent Tuesday, December 18th, 2018,  facing Rochester John Marshal (JM). JM beat Austin once last year and twice two years ago. It was a much anticipated match-up between Mathew Hurt a top-five player nationally in the 2019 class vs Austin, which is ranked number six in state rankings.

I had a chance to interview one of the starters for Austin, Dongrin Deng. I asked him how he was feeling before the big game on Tuesday. He said, “I am excited to get the chance again to compete with one of the best basketball players in the nation and I am willing to do whatever it takes to come out with the win vs John Marshall.” He also said, “I feel if we double team Mathew Hurt and forcing him into making his teammates shoot more then we will have a good chance of winning.”

I was able to make the trip to Rochester and watch the game. The crowd was intense and both sides were going hard competing with each other. Austin had the lead the whole game by a decent margin. Austin did a good job slowing down Mathew Hurt with a little under 20 points at the half. The second half started with a big urgency by the Rockets and just like that, it was a close game. Packers were able to stop the Rockets run and started scoring at will.

Austin pulled off the win by winning 70 to 59. It was a very intense game where if you didn’t go you would’ve missed out. I also got a chance to get a picture with the Kentucky Head Coach John Calipari who was also at the basketball game. He is known all around the United States for his great coaching. After the game, Dongrin Deng said, “we did what we wanted to do with Mathew Hurt to slow him down and get him a to force passes more. It was a great team win.”