Austin VS Mayo

Thomas Heimer

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On December 11, 2018, the Austin Boys Basketball team faced off against a very tough opponent, Rochester Mayo. Both teams played well but in the end, only one team could win. The game starts out with a tip-off and Mayo gets the ball. Then Medi Obang, a Senior, and Agwa Nywesh, a Junior, run up to guard the mayo player with the ball. Feeling the pressure the player begins to have a loose grip on the ball. Medi and Agwa both go in for the steal with Medi taking the ball and charging down the court. Medi gets fouled right off the bat, he’s up for two. Medi makes both of his free throws to put the first two points on the board for the game, Austin leads 2-0.

Austin warming up before Mayo VS Austin Game 12/11


At half time the score was 35-18, Austin was up. As the game amped up Dongrin Deng made a layup, then Mayo scored in an intense battle of back and forth. With a slew of turnovers,

Mayo was able to catch up. Five minutes before the end of the game it was all tied up. Back and forth both teams scored, but a multiple foul on Austin later, and Mayo was ahead. Austin played hard to catch back up. Mayo shot and missed, the Packers rebound and drive down the court passing to Medi. Medi shoots for three but sadly misses, Dongrin goes up for the rebound. He put the ball back up for two points, but Mayo was too far ahead. The game ends with both teams scoring big, but Mayo wins 93-88.

“We played our best, but it’s not about what happened in the past. It’s about learning from it, training harder and correcting what was wrong in the first place. Next time we won’t make all the same mistakes, and we will play a better game!” Dongrin Deng reflects on the game. Our Boys Basketball team is truly inspiring, from their raw talent to their hard work and determination.

At the end of the day, Mayo was a tough loss because it gave the Austin Boys Basketball team their first loss, but it was also their only loss. What Dongrin said holds true learning from your past instead of lingering on it has led the team to many tough victories since and will lead to many after.