Battle of Titans: Austin vs Northfield

Emmanuel Younis

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On January 11, 2019, the #4 Austin vs #10 Northfield. It was a battle of two of the of the top three teams in the BIG 9 and also top two in their section. TI was their first meeting of the season and it was a game to watch. Northfield had an advantage over Austin with their height and it showed but the athletes on the Packers showed us “heart over height” and edging the Raiders with a 70-64 W for Austin. It was a team effort for the Packers with everyone who played scoring at least 4 pts and Austin guard Agwaemach Nywesh leading with 14 pts. Raiders were led by K. Schetnan by scoring a whopping 21 points against the aggressive defense of Austin. M. Stanchina also helped with 15 points. I had a chance to interview the Deng Brothers and Agwaemach Nywesh after the game and they were ecstatic. Ngor Deng is one of the captains of the packers said, “The game was a great team win. I feel like I could’ve played better but my teammates were there to pick me up.” His brother Dongrin Deng also a captain stated, “The game was close throughout but I’m proud of our teams’ defensive effort in the closing minutes.” Agwaemach said, “Northfield was a team we were worried about but today we were not even playing to our full potential and I think we can compete with any team in our state class.” Austin is now 9-2 overall and 8-1 against the BIG 9. The Packers really lean on their defense first and then offense second. Their returning starter Medi Obang didn’t have his best game against the Raiders but he still dropped a decent 11. Even thou Obang (Best player on Austin stated by the coach of Packers Kris Fadness) had a rough game Austin’s depth showed by them winning against a fellow state ranked team. The next opponent the Packers face is the #6 state ranked Mankato East on January 18, 2019 in Austin, MN. It is a battle against the #1 team in the Big 9.