Austin Boys Basketball vs Owatonna

Kevin Ortiz

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The Austin Packers took on the Owatonna Huskies on January 3rd, 2019 in the Packer Gym. The Packers were looking for another win against them for a conference win. The Austin boys’ basketball team came out stronger than ever leading as many as 35 points in the second half and 11 players scoring with five reaching double figures. In the first five minutes of the game, the Packers were obviously dominating the game in the first five minutes. The Austin boys finished the first half leading 45-18. The score shows the packers passion for winning the game. However, starting the second half The Packers began to lose focus and gave up a few easy points on defense making the game a little more intense.

As the second half continued The Packers regained their focus. The Packers took control over the game again by setting up plays, making passes, and getting rebounds. Most importantly, what got them going was when Moses Idris dunked and got the Packers and fans excited. The atmosphere of the gym pushed the Packers to do better. The Packers finished the game 80-59. After the game, I interviewed Medi Obang. The first question I asked him was “How did you feel about your team’s effort tonight”. Obang answered “We outplayed them the first half. We were getting good looks and stopping plays on defense. The second half started off rough, we were giving up easy points that we should have been able to defend. The second question I asked him was “How do u consistently score a lot of points”. He responded with “the number one reason is practice. It helps me focus on things I need to get better at. Equally as important my teammates and their hard work in practice. They make me a better player”. Obang finished with twenty points, four rebounds, and three assists.


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