Austin Girls Take Another Victory

Achwor Omot

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The person who was interviewed was Muye Ojulu she is a starter on the 9th grade girls’ basketball team, but often sits and keeps track of the book during varsity. She has been playing basketball since she was in 5th grade on the AYB team. To get the interview started the first question asked was “do you think the girls would win the game that night?” She answered with “she didn’t really know much about the varsity team, but if it was anything like our game their game she thought that they’ll win. The girls put in a lot of effort so everyone knows they’ll do their best.” The next question asked was “who do you think would put up the most points?” She responded with “oh that’s easy Abby Lewis she is the best three-point shooter on the team.” Those were my questions at the start of the game. When the game came to a close the final score was 60-46 Austin. At the end of the game Muye was asked to finish the interview. The next question asked was “do you think they played their best why or why not?” She said that “they played great at the beginning of the game once the second half came they were starting to struggle a bit maybe they tired themselves out in the beginning of the game.” “The final score of the game was good really good actually but she thought that they could have won by a few more points.” The question to proceed was “if you were the coach what are some things you would have done differently?” “She started off with the starting lineup and how “she would have had the twins, Kyra, Kiwi, and Colie.” “Next, letting them get a good rhythm going and then put Abby in for Colie so they can show what Abby can really do.” “If the game was done like that they would have won the game by a lot more points.”

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