Austin Vs Albert Lea Tigers

Kylee Hanlon

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On Thursday, December 6, 2018, the Austin Packers girl’s hockey team went against their all-time rivals, the Albert Lea Tigers. I decided to interview Jillian Bastyr about the game but before that, I asked her about her journey before she joined hockey and what got her there in the first place.

‘’I started in 4th grade, pretty much my whole family played hockey and we all just love the sport so much.’’ I went to wild games when I was younger with my family and friends and I always remember just watching it on TV no matter what team it was.’’ then asked her what her favorite thing about hockey was? She replied ‘’I love the sport so much and playing it just brings me so much happiness. My whole family comes to watch me and when I don’t have a game I usually go to my cousin’s games and watch them play. I have 9 cousins and 7 of them play hockey.’’

‘’The Albert Lea Tigers she laughed,’’ she began telling me that the Austin Girls Hockey Team has had problems with them ever since u12 hockey. ‘’They play dirty and have never shown good sportsmanship.’’ When we got told we were going to play them we were so excited.’’ The day came and we were so pumped.’’ ‘’We came to their rink ice and so many people came to watch the game.’’ The first period went by and you could feel the tension between both teams. ‘’They scored right away because no one was in front of the net covering any of the other girls.’’ ‘’People were frustrated, and started to get brought down after the 2nd goal in by them.’’ We began to freak out with the puck, just throwing it off our sticks because we all were so nervous’’ The Tigers fans were screaming, cheering, and clapping after the 2nd but our fans were not enthusiastic.’’  Our coach was very annoyed with how we were playing and we had only one more period to turn this thing around and we needed to put at least 3 in the back of the net.’’ After our coach walked out of the locker room, we began telling each other things that we could work on and would help us turn this game around.’’ The 3rd period was about to start and we were lined up to get onto the ice.’’ We all got onto the ice did a couple laps to warm up, then the game was back on the clock.’’ We started out strong, we had a lot of time in their zone at first but the goalie was really solid when we would take shots on her.’’ When would put one foot around their crease of the goalie they would push and slash us out.’’ The refs never really did anything to help us so we couldn’t retaliate at all.’’ The buzzer went off and the game was over’’ We lost to Albert Lea and that was the only time we got to play them for the season.’’

‘’We could’ve played to our full potential but we just got cocky and went into the game thinking we could win the game by lots goals.’’ ‘’The refs were not much help, they never put anyone from Albert Lea in the box and there was always people from Austin who had penalties.’’ ‘’What we could change in our next game is not going into the game thinking we are going to win the game by a lot of points and that the other team can come back and show us up.’’

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