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kaleb-3 Kaleb Blaser is a 17 year old who attends Austin High School as a senior. His interests and hobbies include swimming for fun, and for the high school team, disc golfing, writing, and playing various sports and games with his friends. He is employed at a restaurant near the high school called Kenny's Oak Grill. He works there as a fry cook, and spends a majority of his time there. He has worked at Kenny's for two years, and plans on working there until he graduates and goes off to college. If he is not working at the oak grill, he is probably mowing both of his neighbors lawns, and his, which he has done for the last three years. At the start of his senior year, he started taking journalism, primarily to see if journalism is something he might want to do for a career later on in life. It turns out Kaleb gets to write for AHS Sentinel, providing him some experience and knowledge what it is like being a journalist. Kaleb's plans for after high school is to a attend a four year university, majoring in education, more specifically history or sociology.

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Kaleb Blaser, Writer

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