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Athletic, musical, and social Rebecka Vargas, also known as Becky, is a 17 year old extrovert who loves meeting new people and trying new things. She not only is a thrill seeker but she also loves to know what's going on, which is why she wants to become a police officer.

Her philosophy on life is, "you get out what you put into it." Which is why she works hard when it comes to her academics and sports, such as cheer leading and track.

When Becky isn't practicing her French, she's staying outdoors or working with her siblings. She is thankful that her and her family get along and communicate well. She also doesn't have any regrets because she strongly believes that everything happens for a reason.

Being American, Mexican, and Portuguese, Becky has many different ideas and beliefs, but when it comes to her friends, she likes to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable.

If she could go anywhere in the world with anyone, she would choose to go to France with her friends. The French culture has always fascinated her.

Whether she is writing a story or writing herself a pass, writing has always been a part of her life and being involved in journalism will help compliment her writing style.


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