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Krystine Anquilo, Staff Writer

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Many different languages spoken at AHS

Though it may not be well known, Austin High School has a lot of students who speak different languages other than English. Students come to Austin from all around the world bringing their native languages, such as Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

“Learning new languages, such as English, is hard and new to my ears, but I have to learn it to communicate with my friends,” said junior Lucia Bulleh.

Along with English, Bulleh speaks Vai, a native language in Liberia, Africa.

“I’ve learned different kinds of languages in order to communicate with my students. The most common language that is used in AHS is Spanish and French,” said Arik Anderson, English Languge Learner (ELS) teacher.

When Andersen was in Venezuela, he learned for almost 10 years how to speak Spanish with his teacher.

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