Trick-or-treating for good

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Trick-or-treating for good

Jackie Jackson, Staff Writer

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Students collect cans for charity

Trick-or-treating is not for the candy for some AHS students, it’s about helping people in need around the community.

On Halloween, National Honor Society, Youth Leadership, and the Reach Program  went trick-or-treating for cans for the AHS Backpack Program and the Salvation Army.

“We try to get 75 students to participate in collecting cans for food. This year the Reach students joined this year to help out as well,” Alms said. ‘“Our goal is to collect as many cans of food for children who don’t have food to eat. Last year we collected over a thousand food items.”

According to Alms, this is the eighth year NHS has gone out to collect cans.

“It felt good because I was helping out the community going door to door collecting cans for food,” said Tyler Pepper from the Reach Program.

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