New language arts teacher comes to AHS

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New language arts teacher comes to AHS

Anna Longworth, Staff Writer

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AHS has many new faces this year, including new teacher, Mr. Zach Herman, who teaches in the language arts department.

Herman decided to teach at AHS because he is from the area and is familiar with the district. He also enjoys the staff here at Austin High School.

Although he taught at Ellis Middle School last year for a semester, this is Herman’s first year teaching at AHS and also for a whole year.

So far, Herman enjoys working here at AHS.

“I really like it. I enjoy spending time with the students and learning with them,” he said.

One of his favorite things working here is “the different personalities of the students”.

Herman might be a young teacher, but he has gathered some wisdom over the years.

“High school is as good as you want to make it, for both teachers and students,” Herman said. “Enjoy it!”

Outside of school, Herman likes to play a lot of sports, including softball and basketball.

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