New photography teacher comes to AHS

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New photography teacher comes to AHS

Anna Longworth, Staff Writer

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This school year, AHS has brought in a number of new teachers, one of which is Ms. Brown.

Brown teaches Photography 1 and 2 this semester, but next semester she will add basic drawing to her schedule.

Brown came to AHS because she “always have wanted to teach here”.

“I live in the district and I am familiar with the school’s high standards. I really wanted to be in a district where I can continue to grow,” Brown said.

So far, Brown has enjoyed her time here.

“I love it, I absolutely love it,” she said. “I really like the students here. They are fun, yet know how to get things done.”

Although Brown spends a lot of time at school teaching, she also has hobbies outside of school too.

Brown raises and trains Peruvian Paso horses. She said she loves living on her private and quiet farm. She also loves to paint, and even creates paintings for other people who then pay her commission. Brown is also highly involved in politics, as she served as state representative for several years.

“I hope that both students and faculty realize what a special district they have.”

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