Battle of Connects (B.O.C)

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Battle of Connects is an event that occurs once a year, and it pits the seniors,
juniors, sophomores, and the freshman against each other. It creates a safe
environment for everyone, and everyone would always look forward to the event.

Named from left to right: Andre Coleman, Steven Conradt, Cameron Krueger, Mitchell Cummings. They are participating in the towel volleyball event, and they won the event and beat the freshman, sophomores, and the juniors.

Kris Fadness a teacher at AHS since August of 1997, participated int he event with his connect class.  He has absolutely loved his job every day that he has shown up, so much in fact that he says, “I like working with students and being around young people, it makes me feel young.” He believes that we had more than enough class spirit. Everyone in the class of 2019 seniors wore black, and definitely exceeded in the participation of the events, given a few
exceptions since some people might not be as into it as others. His favorite events are the ones that get everyone in the connect class involved, like pin guard, and the guessing games. For example, Name That Tune, Guess That Teacher and The Price is Right.
Games like that where everyone is involved and has input of what they think is the correct answer. Mr. Fadness thinks that the senior class has come a long way from our freshman year. He says that we are more excited about doing things as a class, like Battle of Connects, and everything else during the homecoming week. Battle of Connects is Mr. Fadness’ favorite event over the past three years he has had the same students in his connect class.  He wouldn’t say if this group was his favorite class. Although he said
every class to graduate has been his favorite in their own way. He said that because every class has not been the same, and that every class has a different sense of humor, so it is enjoyable every battle of connects that he is able to participate in.



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