Black Ops 4 and its perks

Noe Cano

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Treyarch the famous video game company released their brand new game for their continuation to the Call of Duty Black Ops series. Black Ops 4 or BO4, was released on October 12th and it has already become one of the hottest games this year. It is no surprise that the game has done this well in such a short period of time, due to the fact that first-person shooter games are really popular in the gaming community. Many people pre-ordered the game and received some benefits and perks in return. Jose Morales, was one of the gamers that pre-ordered and he was not disappointed.

Jose Morales an avid gamer from Austin Minnesota, who is also a senior at Austin Senior High School bought and played Call of Duty BO4 on the PlayStation 4. He has been playing Call of Duty since he could remember. When asked about the new Call of Duty game BO4 and his thoughts on the game he responded: “It’s a pretty good game, I have played all Black Ops games and I have enjoyed all four of them, especially this one because it is a bit different from the rest.”  The game has received a lot of good feedback because it is different from a typical Black Ops game. Jose M really liked this because it made the game different and more interesting, “the new game changed a few things to the game, you still play the game the same but you have to do some things that you didn’t have to do in the previous games, like you have to heal yourself and in the old games you did not have to heal yourself because the game would heal your character automatically.”

Jose has been really enjoying playing the game and he recommends it to others. When asked about the multiplayer aspect of the game he said, “it’s pretty fun I get to play with my friends online and we have a lot of fun, sometimes we do get mad and get pretty frustrated but that is just all part of the game, that is what makes the game really fun”. Black Ops has also introduced a new game mode to its game, and it is called Black Out. Black Out is a battle royal mode that has been added to the game. Battle royal games have been really popular in the last 2 years. Black Out has been an anticipated game mode for the gaming community and it did not disappoint. “Black Out has been a lot of fun because it is a new game mode and it adds something new to the game” Jose said. Over all Jose really liked the game and he recommends it to people who like to have fun and mess around with their friends.



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