Homecoming Dance Day in the Eyes of a Student

Jessi Diaz

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After four years seniors can expect homecoming to be both stressful and a fun experience. For girls it might take a lot of preparation, for example getting a dress, doing their hair and makeup, making plans to eat, take pictures and we could go on and on.

As a Senior I, Jessi Diaz, have been to four homecomings and overall I would have to say this year was the best one by far. I would say the start of the day is more hectic. Waking up and getting some coffee and a bit to eat with friends.
We met a friend’s house and we all got ready there. I started doing my friend’s makeup and hair around three o’clock and then finally got myself ready. We then all put on our dresses and met up with our other friends and our dates.
Now we are on to taking pictures at different locations Zoe’s house and Clasen-Jordan Mortuary. Our plan was to eat at the Clasen’s so we ate there and they were serving Buffalo Wild Wings and a bunch of desserts.

Shortly after we ate, we headed to the high school and went to the dance.  Throughout the whole dance I danced with all my friends and it was a blast. Seeing everyone all dressed is one of my favorite parts of homecoming. I wish I could go back and have one more homecoming so make it last because
they won’t last forever!

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