A Day in the Life of a Senior on MEA Break: Jeremy Flores

Ngor Deng

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Jeremy and Ngor Deng hanging out over MEA break.

This MEA break was a good one for senior Jeremy Flores as he got to celebrate his 18th birthday, play basketball, work at the new Kwik trip and Relax on his downtime. Jeremy started off his MEA break by preparing for a big grand opening for Kwik Trip. Kwik Trip opened its doors on October 18th and throughout the break Jeremy spent a lot of his time there working, as numerous customers came in and out checking it out. Jeremy says he loves it there, “I love the place, it’s a big store with lots of options for the customers to explore and find the things they need.”



Besides, spending his days at Kwik Trip he went to a place where he enjoys being and often goes there to clear his mind, whic

h is the basketball gym. Jeremy says the love he has for basketball is hard to put into words. Jeremy enjoys playing basketball and the competitive edge it comes with. He comes out and plays the game with so much passion, that it often rubs onto his teammates because of

the fire and desire he has inside of him spreads like a disease, his love for basketball is remarkable. He also sees it as a therapy session, a place he can go and

empty his mind out and block everything out without worrying about anything that is happening.  “A Basketball, Headphones, and my music is all I need.” He puts on a little music then he’s in his mode and is ready to play basketball.

The most exciting thing for Jeremy though was that he turned 18. Jeremy celebrated his birthday with friends and family. He enjoyed spending his day with his family, and he also got to spend some time with friends. He and a friend went to Rochester to spend the day there and hang out. He explored the city and went to the mall and then spent the evening in Rochester at his friend’s house. To finish off his MEA break, Jeremy spent the rest of his time relaxing. He played video games and got to get some quality sleep in.

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