A Day in the Life of a Junior

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We had a chance to sit down with Maria Bravo a 16-year-old girl currently attending Austin High School.  She has been attending the high school since her freshmen year and has lived in Austin, MN for almost all her life. Her family moved to Texas for a year when she was younger. Her and her family found out it was a not a good fit for them so they moved back. Maria is the middle child she has two sisters one in college and one in 2nd grade

Maria had been struggling in school as long she can remember as English as her second language, she takes some special ed classes here at the high school which she doesn’t mind as long as they help her out in her studies

Marias day at the high school starts of by meeting her friend in the morning and just catching up with each other since she has no classes with them and she heads off to her first hour which is her math class with Ms. Winter class which she really doesn’t like math and her next hour is studio art which is her favorite class she feels like that is the only class where she can really express herself as a student and stand out. Her 3rd hour is yearbook she hopes to pursue photography as a side career. Her 4th hour is chemistry, 5th hour is United States history 2, 6th hour language arts, 7th hour connect which they do a lot of thing to get ready for thing after high school. 8th hour language arts. Over all Maria likes the socializing part of school I think a lot of people do. If Maria could change anything about school, it would be less school hours and smaller classes. But what is most important to Maria is make her parents proud of her.

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