Black Ops 4 Review

Edgar Hernandez-Reyes

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Many have seen what war is like and most have imagined what it would look like if it was simulated and able to be pl


ayed with a controller. The game series started off as a basic war game that could only have a single player which was a medal of honor. As soon as the game became a major hit it soon developed in a big company named Infinity ward, which soon lead to the creation of call of duty released in 2003. Soon after the CEO’s of infinity ward Jason West, V


ince Zampella, and Grant Collier created the major hit they continued the hit and made Call of Duty United Offensive. Once they realized they were making one amazing game after another they had to create a separate company for the game to branch off and create a better version. It soon became known as Treyarch, which soon create Call of Duty World at War on November 9, 2008. Many characters originated from this game and became a major hit on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Treyarch soon after two years later came back with a major hit named Call of Duty Blacks Ops which brought back old characters from Call of Duty World at War, like Viktor Rezno

v and Edward Richtofen, “Tank” Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski.

After a few years went by, they kept everyone in the dark and did not mention any games until the company started to leak certain pictures from their developing team. Their design team took a picture of a very familiar pose in the very first Call of Duty. It showed Mustang and Sally which are the Glock 18’s scratched up and has the names engraved on the guns while the character is sitting down with his hands sitting on the top of his knees.

Once the company knew what the audience wanted to play they made it a reality and created the most recent Call of Duty in the world Call of Duty Black Ops 4. It was announced early April of 2018, Treyarch wanted to go back to the old roots of Call of duty because at one-point people were using jetpacks to get across all the maps which made it unfair and very difficult for new players to understand the basics of playing the game. They created boots on the grounds game, which means they made it so none of the abilities made it unfair for other players. All weapons in the game are well balanced, so overall the game is well made to make every person have a fair game online against other players. Most players tend to play their new game mode they added to the Call of Duty scene which is called Blackout. Blackout is a battle royal game mode where the player is placed on some of the past Call of Duty maps that were made in the old Call of Duty games. Players are able to team up with three other players to play against other squads. They are also able to go in alone if they feel they can face off against four players by themselves.

I’ve Interviewed Erik Phillips but best known as M3RKMUS1C he created his account around the whole Call of Duty game his gamer tag was one of the medals called MERK; which when you earned a 30 killstreak in Call of Duty: Ghost you got an M.O.A.B that you could set off and take out everyone on the map and change the look of it. He does twitch streams and does live videos for millions of people across his YouTube channel.

Erik enjoys playing the game on a day to day basis he explains a lot of the game mechanics and how everything on the game seems very smooth. When I asked him what he thinks of the game he replied with, “I enjoy the game and how the game’s mechanics work. It makes the game more realistic with its graphics but also, I like the weapon choice they have because it brings back old vibes from the older Call of Duty’s. But many flaws come from it too, for example, some lobbies have a lot of connection issues and also lobbies have loading issues. Overall the game has a very major success rate for how far the game has come along”. As a Play Station player I’ve loved the whole Call of Duty series the game teaches you all about being the leader and communicating with your teammates. It takes a lot of practice to actually be good at the game it all depends how fast you can learn the controls.

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