Senior Spotlight: Fidel Chilel Lopez

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Fidel Chilel Lopez was born in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, and in the years leading up to him moving to Austin his family struggled to pay for all the pet and family food, along with the living space.

The reason for him moving to Austin is because his mom wanted a better opportunity for his family. In his childhood he had parakeets as pets named Snowflake and two others that he does not remember the names of. His moms friend was selling the parakeet, so his family decided to buy it. In the years that he had the parakeet his house got wrecked. The reason for them attacking the house was probably them not being used to the new environment they were put in. Parakeets natural habitat is Australia all year round so when they moved to the U.S. and got new owner they weren’t probably used to it. His parakeet died just last year.

He has played soccer for most of his life and usually practices two hours a night. In the years leading to states he went to many tournaments and practiced every day. He has been to multiple soccer tournament and probably has won some, this shows people that he will do what he can to help his family. The thing that he is passionate about is drawing and soccer.


The time that he got passionate about drawing is probably around his childhood as most people that are passionate about drawing, get passionate about drawing in their early childhood or mid-teens. The style of drawing he uses is colored, whi

ch he usually done by color pencil. He uses mostly color pencil to color in the drawing and other things. He likes to draw whatever and can draw well.

He plays PS4 in his free time and sometimes practices soccer and at the end of the day he works out. He is a family man that helps his mom by translating English for her and helping clean up the house.

He works at Precision Signs and has been working there for around a year and a half. He repairs and make signs. He enjoys the people that he works with and in the years, he has had a good time.

He is excited to graduate as there are many more opportunities for him to get a better life and help his family more. In the years that come after high school he would like to take some architect classes. He wants to work as an architect and help build house and structure for people to live in. His final word to his peers is to try very hard in all your class and pay attention to what others say.

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