Senior Spotlight Cole Granle

Spencer Hunt

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Cole Granle is a current senior in Austin public high school who is looking forward to graduation and participating in homecoming. Cole was born in Austin Minnesota. He was also raised in Austin attending all his school years here in Austin.

Just like many other high schoolers did Cole had lots of fun during homecoming. He participated in many of the events like Battle of Connects, t-ping his friends, and attending the bonfire. His favorite event though was the homecoming football game. Sadly, he did not get to attend the dance because he had to work at a local Austin gas station Ankeny’s.

His favorite memory from this town is driving 130 mph on a dirt road with his car his junior year of high school. One of his favorites after school activities is playing video games. Another one of his favorites is racing, whether it be on roads or on a track he loves it. Most of his races take place all over Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin. He races dirt bikes on dirt roads in parts of the woods.

Now Cole looks forward to shooting trap in the spring. He has been shooting trap since the sixth grade. He placed middle junior varsity shooter in the seventh grade and has been on the varsity trap team since the eighth grade His personal best is twenty four out of twenty-five.

Cole plans on serving his country after high school. Cole plans on joining the Marines. He wants to be in the infantry. If he transfers to a machine technician, he plans on making a career of it. If he doesn’t transfer he would like to a diesel mechanic. Overall, Cole is like any other senior trying to make the most out of his senior year.

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