Senior Spotlight: Evan Anderson

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Evan Anderson is a senior at Austin High School with an infectious personality. Whenever you are around him you cannot help but have a good time and a few laughs. Evan has spent some of his most memorable childhood experiences in Haiti on a mission trip and at Yellowstone National Park on a trip with his family. He is involved heavily in extracurricular activities including Austinaires, tennis, band, and choir.

Music and the performing arts have played a huge role in shaping who Evan is today and has held some of his fondest high school memories so far. You can tell the passion Evan has for the arts when he steps onto the stage for a concert or a play. Even though he is young and still in high school Evan is very well grounded and down to earth with his goals set.

When asked his biggest goal in life Evan said he did not care about making six figures at a job or living in a mansion; he just wants to be happy. The people who have taught Evan to lead a happy life and have goals so grounded are his father and his former Spanish teacher Mr. Meyers. Evan said that he looks up to his dad so much because he has lead an ideal life with excellent goals. Evan said when asked why Mr. Meyers has played such a major role he said Mr. Meyers has gone above in his classroom for his students and teaches more than just classroom material.

Evan has accomplished and has many things to be proud of through his fe

w years at this high school. Some of his biggest achievements are being elected boy’s tennis captain and attending boy’s state. When asked what he wants to accomplish after high school he did not hesitate to answer; his goal is to attend Riverland Community College and then transfer to a four-year university to get a d

egree in education.

Evan is clearly a high schooler like no other with many goals and accomplishments; from the tennis court to the stage he is always confident and passionate. If ever given the chance to share a laugh or two with Evan I highly recommend it and you will not leave disappointed.

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